Reactive Audio Patch & Audio Stream Setup

With a custom audio patch, coded within the open source environment Puredata, ALL YOUR BASE will be ready to process audio in many ways. Audio files can simply be played back or shaped and mangled with lots of effects in realtime. Same for live audio input like voice or from instruments.
Audio processing can react in realtime to sensor inputs, so users can interact with the sonic part of an ALL YOUR BASE project. Audio is by default stereo and supports Binaural playback, but can easily be extended to multichannel audio for Ambisonic setups and custom audio spatialisation.

Also the patch is already connected to an audiomoovers streaming plugin and a dedicated streaming account was set up. With this tool it is possible to stream audio with minimum latency to any web browser. So users can link remotely to audio just with one click on their smartphones and by using their own headphones. In complete, this is a realtime and barrier-free solution for streaming audio online and combine audio with interactive setups for realtime reactive audio-visual projects: We think of interactive audio-video installations and performances, or sound-reactive visuals, or voiceovers via stream in different languages, or verbal descriptions in realtime for visually impaired people, connection AYB audio with remote places, …

Puredata patch, coding and setup by Tobias Hartmann.

One input parameter (from a sensor or from a web controller via smartphones) can control several sound-processing parameter in realtime. Audio output (up to 16 channels!) can be streamed directly into a web browser by implementing the audiomoovers streaming plugin.