Media Artist Ruth Prangen (atelier-4D) used ALL YOUR BASE for her piece “Performance Garden”.
“Performanc Garden” is a walk-in media landscape that can be interactively controlled and shaped by dance and audience movements. It is about relationships, people and nature, measurements and the interplay of proximity and distance. Small dwellings as relationship founders, digital plants, polygons, videos and sounds are spun into a web. The real and the virtual meet – mixed realities that are connected by a global algorithm. Processes of “growing” together become audible and visible.
The performative installation is staged as a kind of artificial spatial intelligence.

Museumsnacht Köln
Urheber, Autor, Künstlerische Leitung, Szenografie: Ruth Prangen
Video, Sound, Programmierung: Egbert Mittelstädt
Tanz: Ronja Frizen