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AYB @ JMK Festival 2022

Kunstwerk Köln Deutz-Mühlheimer Str 115, Köln



AYB @ ALL IN Symposium

Central Düsseldorf Worringer Str. 140, Düsseldorf

Together with Dodzi Dougban we give workshop with ALL YOUR BASE on the topic "Von Bewegung in Klang, von Klang in Bild: Digitale Übersetzungen für ein inklusives Bühnenerlebnis" at ALL IN Symposium 2022 by Un-Label Company. Later that day 19:30-22:00 Max is performing with Techno-Jazz Ensemble „Unfall“ by Un-Label at Asphalt Festival, featuring reactive visuals […]

CYLVESTER about AYB at XDW 2022

Design Offices Schanzenstraße - NEU - Am Kabellager 11-13, Köln

Max and Tobias aka CYLVESTER are invited as keynote speakers at XDW 2022. As the creators of ALL YOUR BASE, they will contribute with insights about there artistic practice to the topic: "Pop-up Festivals, Fringe and the Urban Festival". Together with Margrit Miebach (cityleaks) and Ralph Christoph (c/o pop). About: In the urban environment pop-up […]